College of Engineering, Pune

India, Maharashtra
12 days ago
Rated 10
Established in 1854, COEP is one of the oldest engineering institutes in Asia. In India, the establishment of COEP is preceded by only two engineering institutes, viz. CollegeofEngineering Chennai (1794) and IIT Roorkee (1847). The institute situated at the confluence of River Mula and River Mutha
Prasad Pol
11 days ago
Rated 10

College of Engineering,Pune(COEP) has been Ranked amongst top 10 Engineering Colleges in India other than IIT and NIT.

COEP is the Choice of many engineering aspirants because of its Good academics and a high placement rates

Sheenam Arora
11 days ago
Rated 10

Finally, Got admission in 'College Of Engineering,Pune (COEP)!' For 'Metallurgical Engineering (B.Tech)

Totally speechless! Mesmerized!

Yes, it's. C O E P!

It's nt only d result of my efforts; there is huge contribution of my parents,Teachers n finally friends (mainly crack members?)...Thank u soo much all of u!

One more thing; now leaving kolhapur?..feeling nostalgic! I 'll always miss u kop!

N Pune;I m coming ! Boom boom!!!?

Harshvardhan Patil