Harvard University

United States, Massachusetts


1 year ago

2016 GRE : 320

PHD, Engineering, Computer Science

have two master degrees (one EE, one Statistics), 8 publications, one best paper award, GPA: 3.83, GRE (V/Q/W) : 170/150/3.5

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 319

Masters, Engineering, Electrical Engineering

(V/Q/W) : 149/170/4.00, Undergrad GPA: 4.00

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 332

Masters, Engineering, Computational Science And Engineering

(V/Q/W) : 162/170/3.5, Under grad GPA: 3.98

2 years ago

RATED 8.0 Harvard really is, a place for aspiring souls, but, not everyone who set foot on the institute ever steps out carrying a diploma with his or her name written on it.Truth be told, some of these students are those who are less fortunate in the society, well, in terms of money. College in Harvard means gold for some, while just a couple of dollars for the rich.Professors too, tend to rely too much on the students "assumed" capabilities. In fact, "self study" signs in the profs' boards are quite common, while the professors waste time somewhere, just sucking money from the their undeserved pay. But, having the pressure in such institute of education has its own edge, despite of criticism, stress, and all the undertakings in life.Besides, a gold that's not put in fire doesn't shine like a jewel. ..

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