Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

India, Maharashtra
3 years ago
Rated 9

iitb is the heaven for all those students who want to make themselves unique in this world. its the the place of dream and the dream becomes true in any field either study or any extra activity . i love iitb . its awsm . Guys if u will get iitb u will enjoy the features of this awsm college

3 years ago
Rated 10

The environment is amazing! Its surrounded by lakes and hills without compromising on connectivity to the city. A place to learn, to grow from a high school kid to someone who can take on the world!

3 years ago
Rated 10
  1. The landscape is a beauty. It does not belong to the overcrowded urban jungle that Mumbai is. The quality of the air is remarkably fresh. The potential encounter with an odd leopard or two makes for quite some excitement. The lakes have crocodiles that kill. Parents must sternly counsel wards on how to avoid/deal with such dangers.
  2. Some hostels have quality food. Most of them ought to charge a little more and provide better food. Hostel rooms are tiny, with beds occupying almost all the space. Juniors have to share the room with another student. But excellent study and recreation facilities are available.
  3. The Professors are brilliant (most of them). But they should adopt a more helpful and facilitating approach, especially to new students who do not know how to procure facilities for their projects. Professors' parental attitude should avert those suicidal cases.
  4. Teaching vacancies and vacant student seats should be filled up after a deadline, if reserved category ...