Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

India, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur
2 years ago
Rated 10

When I entered into IITK, I was like a fledgling bird but, today while leaving, I can feel myself as an eagle with big wings which can fly over wider sky with more clear vision. Two years of time spent in IITK have become unforgettable memories forever of my life and as I move forward in life will miss every aspects of IITK, some of these are Antragani, Techkriti and many more events, time spent with friends in midnight at OAT, directionless roaming andĀ chatting, gossiping for long hours etc.

Along with these beautiful times spent with friends, I had great learning experiences in academics for this, I would like to give my deepest thanks to my guide Prof. Ketan Rajawat for his motivation for encouraging to have research in signal processing in networks, I would like to thanks Prof. Jagannathan for giving excellent foundation on theory of wireless communication, which helped me to relate practical aspects of communication with theoretical fundamentals.

Pawan Barnwal