North Carolina State University

United States


1 year ago

2016 GRE : 331

PHD, Engineering, Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering

GRE (V/Q/W) : 166/165/3.50

3 years ago

RATED 9.0 Amazing school with a variety of events and things to do. Hunt library is amazing and I highly recommend checking it out. I'm currently enrolled in the College of Textiles at State and just love it. Majority of my professors are extremely helpful and excellent teachers. Only complaint is that some of the dining hall food isn't the greatest, but that's to be expected at college. Sign up for a tour or attend an open house if you're thinking of checking the school out! ..
3 years ago

RATED 8.0 While I had very great experiences, I also had trouble getting in contact with the faculty there. When I was searching for a biology adviser, I often did not get any response through email. Although the professors that did answer were helpful, there were some that did not respond at all and made the whole process frustrating. I really suggest they make more time for answering emails from prospective students or at least sending a denial. I emailed AND called one professor with no response. I know that they get a lot of requests, but I also called the office and did not get any advice other than to keep trying and that the professors are busy. I sent multiple emails to the professors, however. While the office was helpful and the professors that did answer were helpful, the ones that did not respond after being reached multiple times reflect badly on the ones that were trying to be helpful. I have decided to move on to a different school, although the program is really good and I ... ..

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