Stanford University

United States


4 months ago

2017 GRE : 340

Bachelor, Engineering, Physics

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 321

Masters, Engineering, Civil And Environmental Engineering

GRE (V/Q/W) - 161/160/4.00

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 339

Masters, Engineering, Material Science And Engineering

GRE writing - 5, GPA - 4.00

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 329

Masters, Engineering, Bioengineering

GRE (V/Q/W):161/168/3.50, Under graduate gpa: 3.93

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 316

PHD, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

GRE (V/Q/W): 150/166/5.00, GPA: 3.84

1 year ago

2016 GRE : 313

PHD, Engineering, Geological Sciences

GRE(V/Q/W): 150/163/4.00, Under Graduate GPA: 3.35

3 years ago

RATED 10.0 Stanford has an absolutely gorgeous campus - well worth the visit for anyone. There's also so much to do here, even if you don't have a connection to the University: great bookstore, fabulous events, nice cafes... And history all around. Plus check out their excellent continuing education courses. ..
4 years ago

RATED 8.0 It's an extremely demanding institution with non-stop pressure and perpetually high stress, but you eventually end up getting so much out of this beautiful place. With much confidence, I can proudly say this place has fundamentally changed me from the bottom up and am now a completely different person in a very positive way. I will forever be grateful for what this place has given me. ..

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